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Project Description
This is an AddIn for Microsoft Outlook 2007. It allows users to configure appointment to send reminders by SMS for the Spanish Movistar carrier. It's an ideal solution for small business like dental clinics, lawyers, doctors and so on.

The product is made out of three main modules, an Outlook 2007 AddIn coded with C# on Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio Tools for Office, a Windows Service that is the one that actually sends out the SMS messages and the Windows Installer program.

All the information is saved on an SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 DB with a minimum footprint.

Although I would have loved to release an Outlook 2003 AddIn, the development cost was much higher taking into consideration the actual VSTO APIs for Visual Studio 2005.

The setup is encapsulated on a MSI Project using Windows Installer for installing local files (DB) and the Windows Service, but the Office AddIn must be installed using Click Once from Internet (this is a security mechanism from Office). The setup program connects with Internet and launches the VSTO setup for installing the AddIn remotely. The code is not signed so several security warnings are shown.

The documentation details all the installation process. It’s on Spanish since the target of this project is only Spain (Movistar carrier), but you can take a look at the screenshots.

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